My Approach

Earning my students' trust is primary.  I carefully observe and note their strengths and weaknesses. I request explanations to gauge understanding and intuit ways to make concepts accessible.


The paths that lead to understanding, clarity and confidence are many and I explore any and all until the student succeeds. 


Test preparation requires two things: knowledge of material and concepts and test taking skills related to the specific test.  It's like strategizing and preparing for a very serious game. Think of me as the personal trainer who  provides both.


I can't sit with my students in class or while they take a test. They need to practice and review on their own.  Confidence comes ultimately from achievements acquired independent of my support.

About Me

As a kid, I assumed I was bad at math.  I did just enough to pass. Staring and nodding at the teacher as if I "got it"  when I didn't "get it" worked well until geometry. That was when I started to fail.


Then, my parents hired a tutor for me. She looked me in the eye and asked me questions.  My cheeks turned red. You can't fake it while working one-on-one. That tutor held me accountable for my learning. This helped me improve my grades and do well in geometry. Becoming a more confident math student raised my overall self esteem.


I started to love math. I thrived on the challenges of learning new concepts. To this day, I am grateful for my tutor, Barbara, who made learning and loving math possible for me.


A good tutor can make all the difference.

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