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"Our 13 year old wanted to take the NYC test for the specialized high schools last November, 2015. As we were very apprehensive about his prospects for passing the test, we turned to Julie. With her great teaching ability and skill, her patience and good humor and flexible schedule, Julie guided him through the pitfalls of mathematics. He is thrilled to be going to Brooklyn Tech this fall. This would not have occurred without Julie and we will be forever grateful."


-Nilda B.   Brooklyn, NY

"My daughter was behind in Algebra I, due to illness. Julie adeptly brought her up to pace with the rest of her class. Most surprising was how my daughter's attitude towards math slowly became more and more positive. Now, with her newly found confidence, she's helping her classmates!"


-Bay Ridge Mom of 8th Grader

"My third grader struggles with her homework, and I find I am unable to understand the way math is taught in the schools these days. Julie came right in, and sat down with my daughter and suddenly everything was making sense to her. It was  a huge relief!"


-Park Slope Parent

"I kept missing  pieces of what my teacher showed us in class.  Julie helped me fill in the missing pieces.  My grades are so much better now that I get the whole picture."


-Grade 10 Fiorello LaGuardia H.S. Student


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